MCD43A1.006 MODIS BRDF-Albedo Model Parameters Daily 500m (MODIS/006/MCD43A1)

Version V006

The MCD43A1 V6 Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution
Function and Albedo (BRDF/Albedo) Model Parameters dataset is
a 500 meter daily 16-day product. The Julian date represents
the 9th day of the 16-day retrieval period, and consequently
the observations are weighted to estimate the BRDF/Albedo for
that day. The MCD43A1 algorithm, as is with all combined products,
chooses the best representative pixel from a pool that includes
all the acquisitions from both the Terra and Aqua sensors from
the retrieval period.

The MCD43A1 provides the three model
weighting parameters (isotropic, volumetric, and geometric) for
each of the MODIS bands 1 through 7 and the visible (vis), near
infrared (nir), and shortwave bands used to derive the Albedo
and BRDF products (MCD43A3 and MCD43A4). The Mandatory Quality
layers for each of the 10 bands are supplied as well.

NameDescriptionGee WavelengthGee Scale
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for band 1620-670nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for band 1620-670nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band1_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for band 1620-670nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for band 2841-876nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for band 2841-876nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band2_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for band 2841-876nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for band 3459-479nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for band 3459-479nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band3_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for band 3459-479nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for band 4545-565nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for band 4545-565nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band4_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for band 4545-565nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for band 51230-1250nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for band 51230-1250nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band5_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for band 51230-1250nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for band 61628-1652nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for band 61628-1652nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band6_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for band 61628-1652nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for band 72105-2155nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for band 72105-2155nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_Band7_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for band 72105-2155nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for the visible band0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for the visible band0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_vis_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for the visible band0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for the NIR band858nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for the NIR band858nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_nir_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for the NIR band858nm0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_isoBDRF/Albedo isotropic parameter for the shortwave band0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_volBDRF/Albedo volumetric parameter for the shortwave band0.001
BRDF_Albedo_Parameters_shortwave_geoBDRF/Albedo geometric parameter for the shortwave band0.001
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_Band1BRDF albedo mandatory quality for band 1
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_Band2BRDF albedo mandatory quality for band 2
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_Band3BRDF albedo mandatory quality for band 3
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_Band4BRDF albedo mandatory quality for band 4
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_Band5BRDF albedo mandatory quality for band 5
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_Band6BRDF albedo mandatory quality for band 6
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_Band7BRDF albedo mandatory quality for band 7
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_visBRDF albedo mandatory quality for visible broadband
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_nirBRDF albedo mandatory quality for NIR broadband
Albedo_Band_Mandatory_Quality_shortwaveBRDF albedo mandatory quality for shortwave broadband


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