EO-1 Hyperion Hyperspectral Imager (EO1/HYPERION)

Hyperion is a high resolution hyperspectral imager producing 220 unique
spectral channels ranging from 0.357 to 2.576 micrometers with a 10-nm
bandwidth. The instrument operates in a pushbroom fashion, with a spatial
resolution of 30 meters for all bands and a standard scene width of 7.7

This dataset contains level 1A radiance images, radiometrically calibrated
and orthorectified. The SWIR bands have a scaling factor of 80 and the VNIR
bands have a scaling factor of 40 applied.

  • VNIR bands (B008-B057, 426.82nm - 925.41nm): L = Digital Number / 40

  • SWIR bands (B077-B224, 912.45nm - 2395.50nm): L = Digital Number / 80

NameDescriptionGee UnitGee Wavelength
B008VNIR band B8W/m^2 SRµm426.8200nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B009VNIR band B9W/m^2 SRµm436.9900nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B010VNIR band B10W/m^2 SRµm447.1700nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B011VNIR band B11W/m^2 SRµm457.3400nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B012VNIR band B12W/m^2 SRµm467.5200nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B013VNIR band B13W/m^2 SRµm477.6900nm, FWHM: 11.3871nm
B014VNIR band B14W/m^2 SRµm487.8700nm, FWHM: 11.3784nm
B015VNIR band B15W/m^2 SRµm498.0400nm, FWHM: 11.3538nm
B016VNIR band B16W/m^2 SRµm508.2200nm, FWHM: 11.3133nm
B017VNIR band B17W/m^2 SRµm518.3900nm, FWHM: 11.2580nm
B018VNIR band B18W/m^2 SRµm528.5700nm, FWHM: 11.1907nm
B019VNIR band B19W/m^2 SRµm538.7400nm, FWHM: 11.1119nm
B020VNIR band B20W/m^2 SRµm548.9200nm, FWHM: 11.0245nm
B021VNIR band B21W/m^2 SRµm559.0900nm, FWHM: 10.9321nm
B022VNIR band B22W/m^2 SRµm569.2700nm, FWHM: 10.8368nm
B023VNIR band B23W/m^2 SRµm579.4500nm, FWHM: 10.7407nm
B024VNIR band B24W/m^2 SRµm589.6200nm, FWHM: 10.6482nm
B025VNIR band B25W/m^2 SRµm599.8000nm, FWHM: 10.5607nm
B026VNIR band B26W/m^2 SRµm609.9700nm, FWHM: 10.4823nm
B027VNIR band B27W/m^2 SRµm620.1500nm, FWHM: 10.4147nm
B028VNIR band B28W/m^2 SRµm630.3200nm, FWHM: 10.3595nm
B029VNIR band B29W/m^2 SRµm640.5000nm, FWHM: 10.3188nm
B030VNIR band B30W/m^2 SRµm650.6700nm, FWHM: 10.2942nm
B031VNIR band B31W/m^2 SRµm660.8500nm, FWHM: 10.2856nm
B032VNIR band B32W/m^2 SRµm671.0200nm, FWHM: 10.2980nm
B033VNIR band B33W/m^2 SRµm681.2000nm, FWHM: 10.3349nm
B034VNIR band B34W/m^2 SRµm691.3700nm, FWHM: 10.3909nm
B035VNIR band B35W/m^2 SRµm701.5500nm, FWHM: 10.4592nm
B036VNIR band B36W/m^2 SRµm711.7200nm, FWHM: 10.5322nm
B037VNIR band B37W/m^2 SRµm721.9000nm, FWHM: 10.6004nm
B038VNIR band B38W/m^2 SRµm732.0700nm, FWHM: 10.6562nm
B039VNIR band B39W/m^2 SRµm742.2500nm, FWHM: 10.6933nm
B040VNIR band B40W/m^2 SRµm752.4300nm, FWHM: 10.7058nm
B041VNIR band B41W/m^2 SRµm762.6000nm, FWHM: 10.7276nm
B042VNIR band B42W/m^2 SRµm772.7800nm, FWHM: 10.7907nm
B043VNIR band B43W/m^2 SRµm782.9500nm, FWHM: 10.8833nm
B044VNIR band B44W/m^2 SRµm793.1300nm, FWHM: 10.9938nm
B045VNIR band B45W/m^2 SRµm803.3000nm, FWHM: 11.1044nm
B046VNIR band B46W/m^2 SRµm813.4800nm, FWHM: 11.1980nm
B047VNIR band B47W/m^2 SRµm823.6500nm, FWHM: 11.2600nm
B048VNIR band B48W/m^2 SRµm833.8300nm, FWHM: 11.2824nm
B049VNIR band B49W/m^2 SRµm844.0000nm, FWHM: 11.2822nm
B050VNIR band B50W/m^2 SRµm854.1800nm, FWHM: 11.2816nm
B051VNIR band B51W/m^2 SRµm864.3500nm, FWHM: 11.2809nm
B052VNIR band B52W/m^2 SRµm874.5300nm, FWHM: 11.2797nm
B053VNIR band B53W/m^2 SRµm884.7000nm, FWHM: 11.2782nm
B054VNIR band B54W/m^2 SRµm894.8800nm, FWHM: 11.2771nm
B055VNIR band B55W/m^2 SRµm905.0500nm, FWHM: 11.2765nm
B056VNIR band B56W/m^2 SRµm915.2300nm, FWHM: 11.2756nm
B057VNIR band B57W/m^2 SRµm925.4100nm, FWHM: 11.2754nm
B077SWIR band B77W/m^2 SRµm912.4500nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B078SWIR band B78W/m^2 SRµm922.5400nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B079SWIR band B79W/m^2 SRµm932.6400nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B080SWIR band B80W/m^2 SRµm942.7300nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B081SWIR band B81W/m^2 SRµm952.8200nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B082SWIR band B82W/m^2 SRµm962.9100nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B083SWIR band B83W/m^2 SRµm972.9900nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B084SWIR band B84W/m^2 SRµm983.0800nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B085SWIR band B85W/m^2 SRµm993.1700nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B086SWIR band B86W/m^2 SRµm1003.3000nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B087SWIR band B87W/m^2 SRµm1013.3000nm, FWHM: 11.0457nm
B088SWIR band B88W/m^2 SRµm1023.4000nm, FWHM: 11.0451nm
B089SWIR band B89W/m^2 SRµm1033.4900nm, FWHM: 11.0423nm
B090SWIR band B90W/m^2 SRµm1043.5900nm, FWHM: 11.0372nm
B091SWIR band B91W/m^2 SRµm1053.6900nm, FWHM: 11.0302nm
B092SWIR band B92W/m^2 SRµm1063.7900nm, FWHM: 11.0218nm
B093SWIR band B93W/m^2 SRµm1073.8900nm, FWHM: 11.0122nm
B094SWIR band B94W/m^2 SRµm1083.9900nm, FWHM: 11.0013nm
B095SWIR band B95W/m^2 SRµm1094.0900nm, FWHM: 10.9871nm
B096SWIR band B96W/m^2 SRµm1104.1900nm, FWHM: 10.9732nm
B097SWIR band B97W/m^2 SRµm1114.1900nm, FWHM: 10.9572nm
B098SWIR band B98W/m^2 SRµm1124.2800nm, FWHM: 10.9418nm
B099SWIR band B99W/m^2 SRµm1134.3800nm, FWHM: 10.9248nm
B100SWIR band B100W/m^2 SRµm1144.4800nm, FWHM: 10.9065nm
B101SWIR band B101W/m^2 SRµm1154.5800nm, FWHM: 10.8884nm
B102SWIR band B102W/m^2 SRµm1164.6800nm, FWHM: 10.8696nm
B103SWIR band B103W/m^2 SRµm1174.7700nm, FWHM: 10.8513nm
B104SWIR band B104W/m^2 SRµm1184.8700nm, FWHM: 10.8335nm
B105SWIR band B105W/m^2 SRµm1194.9700nm, FWHM: 10.8154nm
B106SWIR band B106W/m^2 SRµm1205.0700nm, FWHM: 10.7979nm
B107SWIR band B107W/m^2 SRµm1215.1700nm, FWHM: 10.7822nm
B108SWIR band B108W/m^2 SRµm1225.1700nm, FWHM: 10.7663nm
B109SWIR band B109W/m^2 SRµm1235.2700nm, FWHM: 10.7520nm
B110SWIR band B110W/m^2 SRµm1245.3600nm, FWHM: 10.7385nm
B111SWIR band B111W/m^2 SRµm1255.4600nm, FWHM: 10.7270nm
B112SWIR band B112W/m^2 SRµm1265.5600nm, FWHM: 10.7174nm
B113SWIR band B113W/m^2 SRµm1275.6600nm, FWHM: 10.7091nm
B114SWIR band B114W/m^2 SRµm1285.7600nm, FWHM: 10.7022nm
B115SWIR band B115W/m^2 SRµm1295.8600nm, FWHM: 10.6970nm
B116SWIR band B116W/m^2 SRµm1305.9600nm, FWHM: 10.6946nm
B117SWIR band B117W/m^2 SRµm1316.0500nm, FWHM: 10.6937nm
B118SWIR band B118W/m^2 SRµm1326.0500nm, FWHM: 10.6949nm
B119SWIR band B119W/m^2 SRµm1336.1500nm, FWHM: 10.6996nm
B120SWIR band B120W/m^2 SRµm1346.2500nm, FWHM: 10.7058nm
B121SWIR band B121W/m^2 SRµm1356.3500nm, FWHM: 10.7163nm
B122SWIR band B122W/m^2 SRµm1366.4500nm, FWHM: 10.7283nm
B123SWIR band B123W/m^2 SRµm1376.5500nm, FWHM: 10.7437nm
B124SWIR band B124W/m^2 SRµm1386.6500nm, FWHM: 10.7612nm
B125SWIR band B125W/m^2 SRµm1396.7400nm, FWHM:10.7807nm
B126SWIR band B126W/m^2 SRµm1406.8400nm, FWHM: 10.8034nm
B127SWIR band B127W/m^2 SRµm1416.9400nm, FWHM: 10.8267nm
B128SWIR band B128W/m^2 SRµm1426.9400nm, FWHM: 10.8534nm
B129SWIR band B129W/m^2 SRµm1437.0400nm, FWHM: 10.8818nm
B130SWIR band B130W/m^2 SRµm1447.1400nm, FWHM: 10.9110nm
B131SWIR band B131W/m^2 SRµm1457.2300nm, FWHM: 10.9422nm
B132SWIR band B132W/m^2 SRµm1467.3300nm, FWHM: 10.9743nm
B133SWIR band B133W/m^2 SRµm1477.4300nm, FWHM: 11.0074nm
B134SWIR band B134W/m^2 SRµm1487.5300nm, FWHM: 11.0414nm
B135SWIR band B135W/m^2 SRµm1497.6300nm, FWHM: 11.0759nm
B136SWIR band B136W/m^2 SRµm1507.7300nm, FWHM: 11.1108nm
B137SWIR band B137W/m^2 SRµm1517.8300nm, FWHM: 11.1461nm
B138SWIR band B138W/m^2 SRµm1527.9200nm, FWHM: 11.1811nm
B139SWIR band B139W/m^2 SRµm1537.9200nm, FWHM: 11.2156nm
B140SWIR band B140W/m^2 SRµm1548.0200nm, FWHM: 11.2496nm
B141SWIR band B141W/m^2 SRµm1558.1200nm, FWHM: 11.2826nm
B142SWIR band B142W/m^2 SRµm1568.2200nm, FWHM: 11.3146nm
B143SWIR band B143W/m^2 SRµm1578.3200nm, FWHM: 11.3460nm
B144SWIR band B144W/m^2 SRµm1588.4200nm, FWHM: 11.3753nm
B145SWIR band B145W/m^2 SRµm1598.5100nm, FWHM: 11.4037nm
B146SWIR band B146W/m^2 SRµm1608.6100nm, FWHM: 11.4302nm
B147SWIR band B147W/m^2 SRµm1618.7100nm, FWHM: 11.4538nm
B148SWIR band B148W/m^2 SRµm1628.8100nm, FWHM: 11.4760nm
B149SWIR band B149W/m^2 SRµm1638.8100nm, FWHM: 11.4958nm
B150SWIR band B150W/m^2 SRµm1648.9000nm, FWHM: 11.5133nm
B151SWIR band B151W/m^2 SRµm1659.0000nm, FWHM: 11.5286nm
B152SWIR band B152W/m^2 SRµm1669.1000nm, FWHM: 11.5404nm
B153SWIR band B153W/m^2 SRµm1679.2000nm, FWHM: 11.5505nm
B154SWIR band B154W/m^2 SRµm1689.3000nm, FWHM: 11.5580nm
B155SWIR band B155W/m^2 SRµm1699.4000nm, FWHM: 11.5621nm
B156SWIR band B156W/m^2 SRµm1709.5000nm, FWHM: 11.5634nm
B157SWIR band B157W/m^2 SRµm1719.6000nm, FWHM: 11.5617nm
B158SWIR band B158W/m^2 SRµm1729.7000nm, FWHM: 11.5563nm
B159SWIR band B159W/m^2 SRµm1739.7000nm, FWHM: 11.5477nm
B160SWIR band B160W/m^2 SRµm1749.7900nm, FWHM: 11.5346nm
B161SWIR band B161W/m^2 SRµm1759.8900nm, FWHM: 11.5193nm
B162SWIR band B162W/m^2 SRµm1769.9900nm, FWHM: 11.5002nm
B163SWIR band B163W/m^2 SRµm1780.0900nm, FWHM: 11.4789nm
B164SWIR band B164W/m^2 SRµm1790.1900nm, FWHM: 11.4548nm
B165SWIR band B165W/m^2 SRµm1800.2900nm, FWHM: 11.4279nm
B166SWIR band B166W/m^2 SRµm1810.3800nm, FWHM: 11.3994nm
B167SWIR band B167W/m^2 SRµm1820.4800nm, FWHM: 11.3688nm
B168SWIR band B168W/m^2 SRµm1830.5800nm, FWHM: 11.3366nm
B169SWIR band B169W/m^2 SRµm1840.5800nm, FWHM: 11.3036nm
B170SWIR band B170W/m^2 SRµm1850.6800nm, FWHM: 11.2696nm
B171SWIR band B171W/m^2 SRµm1860.7800nm, FWHM: 11.2363nm
B172SWIR band B172W/m^2 SRµm1870.8700nm, FWHM: 11.2007nm
B173SWIR band B173W/m^2 SRµm1880.9800nm, FWHM: 11.1666nm
B174SWIR band B174W/m^2 SRµm1891.0700nm, FWHM: 11.1333nm
B175SWIR band B175W/m^2 SRµm1901.1700nm, FWHM: 11.1018nm
B176SWIR band B176W/m^2 SRµm1911.2700nm, FWHM: 11.0714nm
B177SWIR band B177W/m^2 SRµm1921.3700nm, FWHM: 11.0424nm
B178SWIR band B178W/m^2 SRµm1931.4700nm, FWHM: 11.0155nm
B179SWIR band B179W/m^2 SRµm1941.5700nm, FWHM: 10.9912nm
B180SWIR band B180W/m^2 SRµm1951.5700nm, FWHM: 10.9698nm
B181SWIR band B181W/m^2 SRµm1961.6600nm, FWHM: 10.9508nm
B182SWIR band B182W/m^2 SRµm1971.7600nm, FWHM: 10.9355nm
B183SWIR band B183W/m^2 SRµm1981.8600nm, FWHM: 10.9230nm
B184SWIR band B184W/m^2 SRµm1991.9600nm, FWHM: 10.9139nm
B185SWIR band B185W/m^2 SRµm2002.0600nm, FWHM: 10.9083nm
B186SWIR band B186W/m^2 SRµm2012.1500nm, FWHM: 10.9069nm
B187SWIR band B187W/m^2 SRµm2022.2500nm, FWHM: 10.9057nm
B188SWIR band B188W/m^2 SRµm2032.3500nm, FWHM: 10.9013nm
B189SWIR band B189W/m^2 SRµm2042.4500nm, FWHM: 10.8951nm
B190SWIR band B190W/m^2 SRµm2052.4500nm, FWHM: 10.8854nm
B191SWIR band B191W/m^2 SRµm2062.5500nm, FWHM: 10.8740nm
B192SWIR band B192W/m^2 SRµm2072.6500nm, FWHM: 10.8591nm
B193SWIR band B193W/m^2 SRµm2082.7500nm, FWHM: 10.8429nm
B194SWIR band B194W/m^2 SRµm2092.8400nm, FWHM: 10.8242nm
B195SWIR band B195W/m^2 SRµm2102.9400nm, FWHM: 10.8039nm
B196SWIR band B196W/m^2 SRµm2113.0400nm, FWHM: 10.7820nm
B197SWIR band B197W/m^2 SRµm2123.1400nm, FWHM: 10.7592nm
B198SWIR band B198W/m^2 SRµm2133.2400nm, FWHM: 10.7342nm
B199SWIR band B199W/m^2 SRµm2143.3400nm, FWHM: 10.7092nm
B200SWIR band B200W/m^2 SRµm2153.3400nm, FWHM: 10.6834nm
B201SWIR band B201W/m^2 SRµm2163.4300nm, FWHM: 10.6572nm
B202SWIR band B202W/m^2 SRµm2173.5300nm, FWHM: 10.6312nm
B203SWIR band B203W/m^2 SRµm2183.6300nm, FWHM: 10.6052nm
B204SWIR band B204W/m^2 SRµm2193.7300nm, FWHM: 10.5803nm
B205SWIR band B205W/m^2 SRµm2203.8300nm, FWHM: 10.5560nm
B206SWIR band B206W/m^2 SRµm2213.9300nm, FWHM: 10.5328nm
B207SWIR band B207W/m^2 SRµm2224.0300nm, FWHM: 10.5101nm
B208SWIR band B208W/m^2 SRµm2234.1200nm, FWHM: 10.4904nm
B209SWIR band B209W/m^2 SRµm2244.2200nm, FWHM: 10.4722nm
B210SWIR band B210W/m^2 SRµm2254.2200nm, FWHM: 10.4552nm
B211SWIR band B211W/m^2 SRµm2264.3200nm, FWHM: 10.4408nm
B212SWIR band B212W/m^2 SRµm2274.4200nm, FWHM: 10.4285nm
B213SWIR band B213W/m^2 SRµm2284.5200nm, FWHM: 10.4197nm
B214SWIR band B214W/m^2 SRµm2294.6100nm, FWHM: 10.4129nm
B215SWIR band B215W/m^2 SRµm2304.7100nm, FWHM: 10.4088nm
B216SWIR band B216W/m^2 SRµm2314.8100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B217SWIR band B217W/m^2 SRµm2324.9100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B218SWIR band B218W/m^2 SRµm2335.0100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B219SWIR band B219W/m^2 SRµm2345.1100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B220SWIR band B220W/m^2 SRµm2355.2100nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B221SWIR band B221W/m^2 SRµm2365.2000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B222SWIR band B222W/m^2 SRµm2375.3000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B223SWIR band B223W/m^2 SRµm2385.4000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm
B224SWIR band B224W/m^2 SRµm2395.5000nm, FWHM: 10.4077nm


USGS (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.0
Keywords eo-1, hyperion, hyperspectral, usgs
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 4/30/2001, 5:00:00 PM - now
Citation Data available from the U.S. Geological Survey.
Type image_collection
GSD metersm
Platform EO-1
Instrument Hyperion
gee:revisit_interval days
Asset schema {"name":"ABNORMAL_PIXELS","description":"Indicator of whether image was corrected for abnormal pixels: 'Y' or 'N'\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"CORRECTION_METHOD_BIAS","description":"Correction method used by L1G in creating image: 'CPF' (for CPF bias) or\n'NONE' (for no bias used)\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"CORRECTION_METHOD_GAIN","description":"Correction method used by L1G in creating the image: 'CPF' (for CPF bias)\nor 'NONE' (for no bias used)\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"CPF_FILE_NAME","description":"Archive-generated external element file name for Calibration Parameter File","type":"STRING"},{"name":"DATEHOUR_CONTACT_PERIOD","description":"Date and hour of contact period start","type":"DOUBLE"},{"name":"DPS_VERSION_NUMBER","description":"DPS processing version number","type":"STRING"},{"name":"ELEVATION_SOURCE","description":"Indicates the primary source (if any) of Digital Elevation Model (DEM)\nused in the correction process: 'N' (no correction applied), 'SRTM-2',\n'SRTM-1', 'NED', 'DTED', or 'GTOPO30'\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"EO1_XBAND","description":"EO-1 X-band used to downlink data to LGS","type":"STRING"},{"name":"EPHEMERIS_TYPE","description":"Identifier to inform user of orbital ephemeris type used: 'ACS',\n'DEFINITIVE', 'GPS', or 'PREDICTIVE'\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"GROUND_STATION","description":"Ground station that received data","type":"STRING"},{"name":"INOPERABLE_DETECTORS","description":"Indicator of whether image was corrected for inoperable or out of spec\ndetectors: 'Y' or 'N'\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"PROCESSING_SOFTWARE","description":"L1G processing system and software version","type":"STRING"},{"name":"PRODUCT_CREATION_TIME","description":"L1G system date and time when metadata file for L1G product set was created.","type":"DOUBLE"},{"name":"PRODUCT_TYPE","description":"Identifier to inform user of product type: 'L1GS' or 'L1GST'\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"RESAMPLING_OPTION","description":"Resampling option used in creating image: 'NN' or 'CC'\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"SCALING_FACTOR_SWIR","description":"Scaling factor used to convert calibrated DN to radiance units for bands 77-224","type":"DOUBLE"},{"name":"SCALING_FACTOR_VNIR","description":"Scaling factor used to convert calibrated DN to radiance units for bands 8-57","type":"DOUBLE"},{"name":"SENSOR_LOOK_ANGLE","description":"The look angle is the angle between nadir and the center of the collected image. It is zero when the collected data are centered at the nadir point. The angle when descending is positive when the sensor is pointing east, negative when the sensor is pointing west of nadir. -90 - 90","type":"DOUBLE"},{"name":"STRIPING","description":"Indicator of whether image was corrected for striping: 'Y' or 'N'\n","type":"STRING"},{"name":"SUN_AZIMUTH","description":"Sun azimuth angle in degrees for image center location at image center acquisition time. -180 through 180 where a positive value indicates angles to the east or clockwise from north ans A negative value indicates angles to the west or counterclockwise from north.","type":"DOUBLE"},{"name":"SUN_ELEVATION","description":"Sun elevation angle in degrees for image center location at image center acquisition time. -90 through 90 where a positive value indicates a daytime scene and a negative value indicates a nighttime scene.","type":"DOUBLE"}