TIGER: US Census Counties 2016 (TIGER/2016/Counties)

Version 2016

The United States Census Bureau TIGER dataset contains the 2016 boundaries
for primary legal divisions of US states. In most states, these entities
are termed “counties”. In Louisiana, these divisions are known as

Alaska has governmental entities called “boroughs” which fill a similar
governmental role to counties, but in some areas those governmental
responsibilities are handled directly by the state and sometimes by a city.
For Alaska, county equivalent entities thus include

  1. organized boroughs,
  2. combined city and borough entities (e.g. Juneau),
  3. municipalities, and
  4. census areas.
    The census areas are delineated cooperatively for statistical purposes by
    the State of Alaska and the Census Bureau.

In four states (Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, and Virginia), there are one
or more incorporated places that are independent of any county
organization and thus constitute primary divisions of their states. These
incorporated places are known as independent cities and are treated as
county-equivalent entities for purposes of data presentation.

The District of Columbia and Guam have no primary divisions and each area is
considered a county-equivalent entity for purposes of data presentation.
The Census Bureau treats the following entities as equivalents of counties
for purposes of data presentation: municipios in Puerto Rico, districts
and islands in America Samoa, municipalities in the Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands, and islands in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

For full technical details on all TIGER 2016 products, see the TIGER
technical documentation.


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