MCD43B3.005 Albedo 16-Day Global 1km (MODIS/MCD43B3)

Version V005

The MCD43B3 V5 Albedo product provides 1-kilometer data describing both directional hemispherical reflectance (black-sky albedo) at local solar noon and bihemispherical reflectance (white-sky albedo). These albedo quantities are produced from the 16-day anisotropy models provided in MCD43B1 and represent averages of the underlying 500m values. If black-sky albedos at different solar zenith angles are required, then the MCD43B1 values should be used directly to generate them.

NameDescriptionGee WavelengthGee Scale
Albedo_BSA_Band1Black-sky albedo for band 1620-670nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_Band2Black-sky albedo for band 2841-876nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_Band3Black-sky albedo for band 3459-479nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_Band4Black-sky albedo for band 4545-565nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_Band5Black-sky albedo for band 51230-1250nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_Band6Black-sky albedo for band 61628-1652nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_Band7Black-sky albedo for band 72105-2155nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_visBlack-sky albedo for visible brodband0.001
Albedo_BSA_nirBlack-sky albedo for NIR broadband858nm0.001
Albedo_BSA_shortwaveBlack-sky albedo for shortwave broadband0.001
Albedo_WSA_Band1White-sky albedo for band 1620-670nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_Band2White-sky albedo for band 2841-876nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_Band3White-sky albedo for band 3459-479nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_Band4White-sky albedo for band 4545-565nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_Band5White-sky albedo for band 51230-1250nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_Band6White-sky albedo for band 61628-1652nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_Band7White-sky albedo for band 72105-2155nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_visWhite-sky albedo for visible broadband0.001
Albedo_WSA_nirWhite-sky albedo for NIR broadband858nm0.001
Albedo_WSA_shortwaveWhite-sky albedo for shortwave broadband0.001


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Keywords 16-day, albedo, black_sky, global, mcd43b3, modis, usgs, white_sky
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Temporal Extent 2/17/2000, 4:00:00 PM - 3/13/2017, 5:00:00 PM
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GSD metersm
Platform Terra
Instrument MODIS
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