TIGER: US Census Tracts Demographic - Profile 1 (TIGER/2010/Tracts_DP1)

Version 2010

The United States Census Bureau regularly releases
a geodatabase named TIGER. This table contains the 2010 census
Demographic Profile 1 values aggregated by census tract. Tract
areas vary tremendously, but in urban areas are roughly equivalent
to a neighborhood. There are about 74,000 polygon features covering
the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and
the Island areas.

For full technical details on all TIGER 2010 products, see
the TIGER technical documentation.

Each tract also includes attributes with sums of the DP1
population measurements that intersect the boundary. The columns
have the same name as the shortname column in the DP1 lookup


United States Census Bureau (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.0
Keywords census, demographic, human, social, tiger
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 12/31/2009, 4:00:00 PM - 1/1/2010, 4:00:00 PM
Citation For the creation of any reports, publications, new data sets, derived products, or services resulting from the data set, users should [cite the US Census Bureau.](https://www.census.gov/about/policies/citation.html)
Type table