Global ALOS mTPI (Multi-Scale Topographic Position Index) (CSP/ERGo/1_0/Global/ALOS_mTPI)

Version 1.0

The mTPI distinguishes ridge from valley forms. It is calculated using
elevation data for each location subtracted by the mean elevation within a
neighborhood. mTPI uses moving windows of radius (km): 115.8, 89.9, 35.5,
13.1, 5.6, 2.8, and 1.2. It is based on the 30m “AVE” band of JAXA’s ALOS
DEM (available in EE as JAXA/ALOS/AW3D30_V1_1).

NameDescriptionGee Unit
AVEALOS-derived mTPI ranging from negative (valleys) to positive (ridges) valuesMeters


Conservation Science Partners (producer, licensor)
Google Earth Engine (host)
STAC Version 0.6.0
Keywords aspect, csp, elevation, ergo, geophysical, global, landforms, slope, topography
License proprietary
Temporal Extent 1/23/2006, 4:00:00 PM - 5/12/2011, 5:00:00 PM
Citation Theobald, D. M., Harrison-Atlas, D., Monahan, W. B., & Albano, C. M. (2015). Ecologically-relevant maps of landforms and physiographic diversity for climate adaptation planning. PloS one, 10(12), [e0143619](
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GSD metersm